Don't Settle For The Same.

We can help you build your next AR

The budget AR's that you see on the shelves in the big box stores, are not just inexpensive, they are cheap junk. In order to keep the cost down they have sacrificed quality. Don't overpay for one of the name brands, build your own custom gun, with our help. First, we will help you select the rigjht parts to fit your budget. Next, we can help you with assembly. $75 to assemble just the upper or $100 for the whole gun.

Wanna Customize or Upgrade Your AR?

If you already have a gun that you want to upgrade and customize to make it fit your needs, we can get you the best parts at the best prices. If you don't have the tools to change the parts, we can help there too. We can get you the tools that you need or we can give you a quote to install them for you.

Is Something Not Quite Right?

If you are having trouble with your AR, maybe something isn't quite right. We can help. Bring it in and we can take a look at it and see what is wrong. We will look at it for free, if we have to take it to the range and test fire it, It will be $25 to cover the range fees and ammo.