Guns-N-Such was founded in 2015 by Left Beard, Middle Beard, and Right Beard. Originally founded in McHenry, IL, when we opened our doors we only had 3 guns on the shelf and limited distributors to be able to get hard to find guns. We moved to Johnsburg, where we continued to grow. After a couple of years, we moved back to McHenry where our current store is. We have a little larger inventory now, and it continues to grow, but more importantly, we have access to many distributors and can get whatever you are looking for.

Why Do We Exist?

  1. To glorify God
  2. To serve our customers
  3. To provide protection to our customers and community, especially with a mind and heart for women and children
  4. To promote safe handling of firearms
  5. To be a voice of sanity in the political sphere; particularly around the issues of firearms, home defense, and protection of God-given liberties against tyranny
  6. To provide financially for owners and employees of this company